Lafayette Memorial Park 

 Flower, Bench and Adornment Policy 

  • As a service to our families, our staff will remove and discard floral and other decorations five days following an interment (or earlier if they wilt or become unsightly).
  • Approved containers for floral arrangements
    • For flat bronze memorials, a bronze vase integral to the memorial.
    • For upright monuments, a marble or granite vase integral to the monument. If there is no vase, flowers may be attached to the top with a monument floral saddle. 
    • For Mausoleum Crypts and Columbarium niches, small bronze vases attached to the upper right corner. NOTE: our staff will help you place and remove flowers and containers. For crypts that are beyond your reach, please come to the office to request assistance. 
    • In exceptional circumstances, special arrangements can be made with the prior approval of management.  
  • All benches must be applied for and approved by Lafayette Memorial Park. No exceptions. The number of benches and the approved placement will be at the sole discretion of Lafayette Memorial Park. 
  • Flowers and flags can be placed in the above containers throughout the year. NOTE: Fresh flowers are not permitted inside the Mausoleum. 
  • Please limit floral arrangements to one for each interment except for special occasions approved by management.
  • Potted plants, wreaths and baskets are permitted for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. Except at Christmas, these arrangements are to be removed within 10 days. Christmas arrangements not attached in vases are to be removed by the end of January. All other Christmas arrangements are to be removed by the end of February. For your convenience, arrangements that remain after these dates will be removed and discarded by our staff. 
  • Digging holes, planting trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. is not permitted. 
  • Placing glass objects, pottery, metal or plastic containers, rocks, shells, metal rods or wires or any other materials that are potential safety hazards and that might damage expensive maintenance equipment is not permitted. 
  • Lafayette Memorial Park reserves the right to remove and dispose of any arrangements or objects-without giving notice to any person- if these are deemed unsightly (wilted or faded flowers for example), unseasonable, potentially dangerous or otherwise fail to adhere to Park policy.
  • The Park shall not be responsible and assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to flowers, containers, flags, vases or any other objects of any kind that are left in the cemeteries; nor can we be responsible for the rusting, discoloration of bronze, marble or granite that may result from metal pots, wires, adhesives, or certain fertilizers placed in flower arrangements. 
  • Large scale clean ups are scheduled twice yearly: March 1 and November 1. Flowers and other items that are removed during these clean ups will be held for approximately one week before they are discarded as a courtesy. Other items may be removed throughout the year if they are identified as a safety or maintenance issue. 

Lafayette Memorial Park

Cemetery Policy

  • The cemetery expressly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control including but not limited to thieves, vandals, acts of God, explosions, unavoidable accidents of war, whether direct or indirect. In particular, the cemetery assumes no responsibility for memorials, flowers, decorations, vases, urns, or other property on any interment space. Owners should make arrangements with their personal insurance carriers regarding any personal property such as memorials, vases, and urns that are at the cemetery. 
  • No person shall be permitted to enter or leave the cemetery except by cemetery access roads. 
  • Any person found at the cemetery after closing hours will be considered a trespasser. 
  • All persons in the cemetery shall conduct themselves with proper decorum, and at the discretion of the cemetery, anyone may be removed from the cemetery for any breach of this rule. 
  • No vehicle shall be driven in the cemetery at a speed greater than 10 MPH. All vehicles shall be restricted to the roads and shall drive and park on the right side. No undue noise shall be permitted in operating vehicle through the cemetery, and only licensed drivers may operate vehicles within the cemetery. 
  • The cemetery reserves the right to exclude any or all vehicles from cemetery on Memorial Day or other holidays or for any special event when it is deemed necessary. The cemetery also reserves the right to exclude any vehicle, which might cause damage to the roads within the cemetery. 
  • Only leashed pets shall be allowed outside of vehicles in the cemetery. Please be courteous to other cemetery visitors and remove all pet waste. 
  • No drinking, picnicking, loitering, skiing, hunting, fishing, trapping, fireworks or participation in any sport event or game activities permitted within the cemetery. 
  • No minors are permitted in the cemetery unless accompanied by an adult. 
  • The cemetery may refuse admission to or eject anyone who is not an owner or visitor to an interment space. 
  • Visitors and owners must not engage, pay or request special assistance or services from cemetery employees working on the cemetery grounds. All orders, inquires and complaints must be addressed to the cemetery office.
  • All persons are reminded that the cemetery is devoted to the burial of the dead and that provisions and penalties provided by the statute will strictly be enforced in all cases of injury, disturbance or disregard of the rules.