Here are some answers to our most common questions.

  • Conventional ground burial in a variety of gardens
  • Double depth burial
  • Green/ Natural burial
  • Green/ Natural cremation burial
  • Scattering garden
  • Cremation burial
  • Private family estates
  • Personal mausoleums
  • Private cremation niches
  • Mausoleum crypts
  • Cremation niches

There are a few things in life that are guarenteed and one of them is we are all going to pass away at some point. Death does not discriminate and can come at any moment. Pre-planning has many benefits and will not be a waste of time or money when considering options. Making these decisions in advance not only guarentees things are done as you wish, but also that you family is not left with financial or emotional burdens and stress. Prices are locked in for the time the purchase is made. Payments can be made over time verses having to pay in full for immediate services.

Memorials are important because they give family and friends a place to come in remembrance of their loved one , having a permanent resting place and memorial is a vital component of bringing closure .

Many families have opted to design and have a memorial placed for loved ones who are not placed at our cemetery. In most of the situations they opted for cremation and scattered the ashes. After scattering some feel as if there should be a sense of place to be able to visit for relflection.

Never hesitate to give us a call to set an appointment to receive an account verification for your records. You can also request a free emergency record guide to assist with other documents you may want to get together.

Yes vaults or outer burial containers are required at both of our locations with the exception of our natural burial garden Highland Meadow. Vaults protect the integrity of the ground as well as the casket.

We accept all methods of payment. We also offer in house financing for non at need services and for all memorials.

Perpetual care at Lafayette Memorial Park is paid at the purchase of the space and deposited into a special trust fund. Some cemeteries across the world bill families annually for this, but with us it is a one time cost. Not all cemeteries are perpetual care and it is important to inquire if they are. Funds from perpetual care can be used when unexpected or even expected large repairs are needed. It also provides many families with comfort knowing that we have this set aside to ensure that all the increasing cost of maintenance throughout the cemetery is continuously met for many years to come.

Absolutely , but just because you are approved as eligible for the VA cemetery burial doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed . VA cemetery’s are on at need bases, so you and you spouse do not get to pick your specific space placement. There is no guarentee that spaces will be available at your spouses or your time of need. There is also strict limitations on family being placed, only dependts under 18 and dependents with disabilites are eligable to be placed with the veteran. There are also very strict limitations on customization

Currently the VA supplies free standard memorials for the veteran with a copy of the DD 214 to show honorable discharge and space reimbursement at time of need for those who fall within their guidlines for reimbursement.