It’s Back, It’s Back,
It’s Back!

Three years ago we released our Buy One, Get one Sale and now its back for a limited time only.

For the entire month of September you can purchase two side by side spaces for the price of one. That’s not all though, financing options are also available for this amazing deal in terms of 12, 24, and 36 month payment plans.

To request more information on the BOGO offer please call us directly at 910-488-5422.

We have partnered with Prima Elements to bring you the ultimate yoga experience. Yoga in the meadow will take place in our natural burial garden. In this garden you will become one with nature surrounded by native North Carolina wildlife.

Yoga in the Meadow will take place Saturday, June 22nd at 9AM. Limited space available please be sure to signup by filling out the form to the left. We will also be covering this sessions fee and providing you with a juice from Prima Elements.

Non-Permitted Items

*Glass *Ground Stakes *Rocks *Change *Fences
*Shells *Metal Rods or Wires
*and any other materials that are potential safety hazards and that may damage expensive maintenance equipment

For The Full Flower Policy Click Here

We here at Lafayette we know the importance of honoring our loved ones and flowers are a great way to do so please read the list below for helpful tips and frequently asked questions.

  • If you are placing a new flower arrangement on your families memorial please stop by our office for complimentary flower tags. These tags pictured to the left are zip tied discretely within your arrangement, one side with the name of your loved one and the other with their location. This allows our grounds crew to return your flowers to the proper location in the event a storm, high winds, heavy rain etc.
  • The greatest recommendation we can make is to secure your arrangements using floral wire. Floral wire can be found at your local Dollar Tree for the best price, but can also be found at all major craft stores. Far more superior than foam, if it is properly secured this wire will withstand most weather. Please keep in mind foam can still be used with the wire. The wire greatly reduces the risk of the foam floating and coming out after or during a heavy rain. For more information on how to wire your arrangement feel free to give us a visit at the office.
  • We only have two cemetery wide flower cleanups.
  1.  The Christmas holiday cleanup which takes place the first week of March. If you have red & white arrangements you wish to be in your vase, please hold them until the cleanup has finished (these colors are easily mistaken for Christmas). After this cleanup mowing will resume, so everything must be in a permanent vase. Any arrangements not in a vase will be disposed of. 
  2. The November cleanup takes place during the first week of the month. This cleanup is only removing tattered, torn, molded, or sun faded flowers. 

Open to the Public
Commemorative Path at Highland Meadow
Natural Burial Garden

The Commemorative Path located in our privately owned and protected garden is available to our community to promote health and wellness with the benefits of being outdoors.

Every Saturday and Sunday during sunlight hours, we would like to invite everyone to enjoy a nice walk on our Commemorative Path in our Natural Burial Garden. This garden is perfect for meditation, reflection and relaxing while still in the city, but in the serenity of the meadow. It offers a great opportunity for people in our community to enjoy a healthy walk to promote self wellness.

Upon entering the cemetery you will drive straight back to the gravel road. You may park there to begin your walk or drive on the gravel road before beginning your walk. This is a natural/ green burial garden so please remember to be respectful of families and the garden. If there is a service occurring please refrain from visiting during that time. We do not have staff onsite so any questions or concerns can be directed to our main office at 2301 Ramsey street or by calling our main office at (910)488-5422.